Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family Update

I am thinking it may be time to give a little update on our family for anyone still reads this blog. I noticed with my sporadic posting I have left several things out.

Justin- I will start with the head of our household. Justin took a new job as productions director at the Louisiana Baptist Convention in Alexandria. He could probably explain what he does much better than I can, but I know he will be in charge of the video production for the state office. He is enjoying it so far and his fellow employees have made him feel very welcome. He is also running sound on Wednesdays and Sundays at our new church, Calvary Baptist Church's Woodworth campus.

Meredith- I continue to stay home with our kids which is such a blessing. I really miss teaching my mother's day out class, but I still get to do what I love which is planning and teaching. I am home schooling Jaxon for this semester. I am enjoying our new home so far. We are so blessed to have some good friends here already.

Sawyer- I don't think I shared this on the blog yet, but Sawyer accepted Christ into his heart in December. It was such a special moment and I am so very proud of him. Justin was able to baptize him during our last Sunday at North Monroe. We are so very thankful for the decision he made and pray that he will continue to follow after the Lord and grow in his faith. Last week he started first grade at his new school. He was the most upset out of all our children about the move, but we knew he would adjust well, and he has. He didn't want to start a new school, but after a week he now loves it there. He is the star student for his class this week, so he is feeling very special.

Jaxon- He has had a lot of changes as he went from being in school full time to now being at home all day with me and Mia. He has a very late birthday so Justin and I decided to hold him back this year to do kindergarten again next fall. When we found out we were moving we decided to just keep him home and do lessons at home. This way he can just start Kindergarten in the fall at his new school and won't really have to be held back. I am so enjoying having him at home and I know he is loving all the extra attention he is getting from me. Being the middle child can be tough, so I am glad I have this time to give him lots of extra encouragement and love.

Mia Grace- Our little girl has been with us for a little over 10 months now. She has adjusted well to our new home and church. She is enjoying home school, too. It is good for her to learn how to take turns and share mommy during the day. She and Jax play very well together. They also go to mother's day out on Thursday which is a great break for all of us. The hardest part of the move for me has been getting Mia set up with her new therapists. It took time to get things started when she first came home, but we had a really good system in place. I actually didn't realized just how good we had it until we moved. I have been spending lots of time on the phone trying to get new evaluations scheduled. I am having to be very patient. You would think after the adoption I would have the patience thing down, but it is still a struggle for me. Even without therapy appointments we continue to see progress in her development. She is always learning new things.

We are excited to see what all the Lord has in store for us as we get settled in to our new home. I pray the Lord will use our family to bring Him glory and that we will remain faithful in the good times and the bad.

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