Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Gotcha Video

Well it took us 8 months to complete Mia's gotcha video. Better late than never, right? Justin put the video together and I think he did a beautiful job.

Mia Grace's adoption story from Justin Bufkin on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Recap

October has been a fun-filled month for our little family. Mia is enjoying her first Autumn in America and I just love that she is here this year to be a part of our memory making. Last year at this time we missed her so and couldn't wait to have her home, so this year we are making the most of every moment we can. Justin's sister took some cute family pictures of us this month. 
Our family participated in a Buddy walk to help raise money and awareness for adults and children living with Down's Syndrome. We had a great morning together supporting a wonderful cause. 

A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to a fall field day put on the speech and language department at ULM. Mia has been going to speech there this semester. 
The kids had fun painting pumpkins, doing sack races, playing games, and getting lots of fun goodies. Mia had her face painted for the second time this month. She has loved spending time with Mrs. Jennie this semester. 
 Two weekends ago we took the kids to Curry Farms. This was our third year to take the boys there and Mia's first. They loved showing her around and she loved it all. We picked out a pumpkin for each kid.

Last week we took the kids to their school Halloween party at skate town. 
My friend took these pictures of all the kids in their costumes. Mia had a blast. I couldn't believe how good she did on her little skates. Last year at this time we didn't know if she would ever walk without assistance and now she is skating and doing potato sack races. I love the way God works!
Jax had fun wearing his black ninja costume. He won the costume contest for Kindergarten boys. He was so excited! 
Sawyer looks so serious in his Wario costume. I found this for 50 cents the day before the party. Sawyer won the costume contest for his grade too! Glad I decided to splurge on his costume. Ha! 
Last weekend we took a little trip to Shreveport. Justin went to take some pictures for friends and we went along with him. We took the kids to Sciport and spent one night at a hotel. It was fun besides Jaxon getting sick with the stomach bug. This passed through everyone in the family except for Mia. I hope she doesn't get it. So far she hasn't really gotten sick since she has been home. 

Tuesday we had our storybook parade at MDO. Mia dressed up as Mia from one of her favorite books, "Mia and the to big tutu." I think she looked precious! 
Yesterday was Halloween and I stayed home with a sick tummy while Super Daddy took all 3 kiddos trick or treating and to trunk or treat at our church. Love my Thor, Michealangelo, and Minnie Mouse!! I think Mia had a great first Halloween. As the holiday season approaches we are looking forward to many more firsts with our girl.