Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Friends

Last week we had the pleasure of introducing our daughter to some of our best friends. It brought me so much joy for her to be able to meet some of our dearest friends and their sweet kids. It may have been a little overload as she met several new families, but as usual she loved every minute of it. 

So here is a recap in pictures of last week.

Saturday: The Saturday before last, Mia and I took a little day trip to visit some friends who live about an hour away.  Mia Grace was able to meet two of my best friends from college, Amber and Mia, and their kids. We have 5 girls between the 3 of us. They were busy playing with dolls, dolls, and more dolls, so all I got was this one blurry picture. 
Sunday: We packed up and headed to Texas for a fun-filled week with family and friends.

Monday:  The five of us met my friend Lisa, and her 3 kids at the water park. We spent all day there and it was soo much fun. We also ran into some friends of ours from Louisiana who now live in Tennessee. We did not expect to run into them at a water park in Texas, but I am sure glad we did.
Tuesday: We all went to the zoo with Justin's mom, aka LuLu. Mia Grace loves animals, so she had a blast making lots of new animal friends. We had so much fun at the zoo and got lots of great pics. I will post soon about our trip to the Dallas zoo.
Tuesday evening, our friends Michael and Meg and their two kids, came over for dinner. It was fun catching up with them. We ate and chatted as the kids played in the "pool:".
This is my attempt at a picture of the 5 of them. They were much more interested in what was playing on the television behind me.
Wednesday: We were all pretty worn out from the previous two days, so the boys chilled all morning at LuLu and Happy's house while Mia and I met some new friends for a play date at the park. This was the first time for me to meet Amory, a fellow AGCI mom, and her daughter Aerin. Aerin is also from Ethiopia. The girls had fun eating each others crackers and swinging together.
Thursday:  This was the only day all week, we didn't met any new friends. We played at a local park in the morning and rested all afternoon.

Friday:  We had more fun at the park in the morning. Then Mia and I went to visit one of my best friends, Ashley, and her two sweet children.
Ashley has been one of my dearest friends ever since college and it was such a joy to see our little girls play together. They were instant best friends, just like their mommas. After some play time at their house, we went to Chic-fil-A for a yummy dinner. 
Mia Grace and I were so sad when we had to say goodbye. I hope this is just the first of many play dates for these two sweeties. 
While we were having some girl time, Justin and Austin (Ashley's husband), took the boys to their first
Texas Rangers' baseball game.

They had a great time! I think their favorite part were the snacks and souvenirs. That would have been my favorite part, too.
As you can see, we had an awesome week with our friends.

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