Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

One of the highlights from our trip to DFW last week was visiting the Dallas zoo. The boys went once when they were younger, but don't remember it. Mia had never been, so it was a special treat for them all. 
 We started with the Wilds of Africa. We had to take a picture by the "Af-ree-tah" (as Mia calls it) cut out.
 Mia Grace got up close with the South African  penguins. They were so cute!
 I think the highlight of our day was feeding the giraffes. All 3 kids loved it! Mia was so excited to pet the giraffe and she kept saying "Raff, Raff" over and over again.

 After the excitement with the giraffes we got to see the zoo workers train the lions. It was really neat. Here is Mia showing you what the lions did. I have no idea why I am making that face.

 Mia is a big fan of elephants. One day as we were driving through town, she said, "Look, Mommy, look! Elephants!" I hated to tell her they were just horses. So, I was super excited to let her see the big elephants at the zoo. She liked looking at them, but they were pretty far away.
Lucky for us, she was just as happy with the giant statue of an elephant. Actually, all of my kids loved the statues. They wanted to have their pictures taken with almost every statue we saw.  
 Sawyer and a friendly kangaroo.
 Brave Jax on the big elephant.
Ahhh! Jax with his head in the alligator's mouth.
 We were very hot and tired by this point, so we took a ride around the zoo on the monorail.
 Then we visited the children's zoo which was nice and shaded.
 Mia loved running through the water to cool off.

We all had a fun day at the zoo!

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