Monday, July 30, 2012

The Princess and the EEG

The last 2 weeks have been crazy, busy. I haven't blogged at all lately, so I want to catch you up a little on our craziness and mostly just record this for us. Last week we visited family in Texas. We had lots of fun and I have pics to post, but first I will post some pics from the week before. So, two weeks ago Mia Grace had another seizure. She had it in her sleep early on Wednesday morning. I wasn't able to catch it on video like the doctor wanted me too. I called to leave a message with the nurse to let them know she had another seizure and to find out when her 24 hour EEG was scheduled. 

So far she has not had any seizures while she is awake. They really don't seem to affect her day much at all, so after I left the message with the nurse, we got ready to go to the children's museum. While, we were there the nurse called. We talked about what was going on with Mia and she told me the EEG was scheduled for October 3rd. I was not happy that we would have to wait over 2 months to have this test and get some answers for our sweet girl. She said she would put us on the cancellation list and we would get a call to come in earlier if there was a cancellation. I didn't have much hope for this happening, because I figured the list was probably pretty long.

I asked friends and family to pray that we would get an earlier date for the test. On Thursday morning, as I was talking to my friend about how sad I was that we had to wait until October for the test, we got a call. It was from the nurse saying their was a cancellation and asking if we could be there in 2 hours. I couldn't believe it. God has already answered so many specific prayers for our girl and this was another answered prayer. Yay! I called Justin who made arrangements for the boys for the next two days, while I threw things in a bag that we would need for our overnight stay at the hospital. 

Mia and I arrived on time for our appointment and got her all checked in. I asked the lab tech if we were the first name on the cancellation list and she said, "no, you were actually the last, but you were the only ones I got a hold of that could come today." Wow! Gotta love God's timing. 
 Mia was such a brave girl! First, she had to have these electrodes stuck all over her head. I took pictures of her and let her look at them to keep her happy during this procedure. She wanted me to take some pics with her, so I did. She had to be very still, so I just tried my best to keep her happy and still.
 When it was finished, we moved to our home for the next 24 hours. There was a nice double bed for Mia to sleep in and a not so nice hospital bed for this mama to sleep in.
They wanted her to stay in her bed as much as possible. There was a video camera in the room to capture her every move while she was asleep and awake. The point of the study was to try and capture seizure activity, so that we can learn more about the types of seizures she is having. This way we can treat them accordingly. So, how did I keep my active 3 year old happy for 24 hours in a bed?  Lots of toys, puzzles, stickers, and quiet activities.
She also took 2 long naps while we were there.

The lab tech, told her that the cap she was wearing was her princess hat. Of course it was really just tape and guaze to keep the wires in place. It did bother her some, but I kept telling her how pretty she was in her princess hat.
She ate all of her meals and lots of snacks. We could not bring any electronic devices at all including cell phones, because it could interfere with the testing. There was a tv in the room. She watched a little tv, but she really has no interest in it, so I had to be creative and entertain her most of the time.
We were so happy when Daddy came by for a little visit on Friday morning. He brought us new snacks and toys. It was perfect, because we had eaten all of our snacks and played with every toy in my big bag by this point.
The princess did really well and she was happy most of the time we were there. The part she hated the most was taking everything off of her head. She was just so tired of being there and being still. We were both so excited when it was time to go home.

We have an appointment next week with the neurologist to discuss the results of the test. I am praying we get some answers. For now, I am just thankful for how well she is doing in our family. She is attached to us, she is thriving, growing, and developing in all areas. God truly has His hand on our sweet girl. We continue to give Him all the glory for the good things He has done and is doing in her life.

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