Monday, July 16, 2012

4 Months and 10 Years

 I really wanted to post an update every month, but this month I am very behind. Mia Grace has been home for a little more than 4 months now. We call her Mia or Mia Grace, but she is starting to refer to herself as Mia Grace. She continues to fill our lives with so much joy.  I just love this picture below, because it shows how she looks so much of the time. She loves life and she loves being part of a family. We are so glad God chose her to be a part of ours.
 She learned to ride a tricycle this month! She can ride her big wheel at home and the tricycle during physical therapy. She continues to amaze us with how far she has come physically. She can do just about anything she sets her mind to.
 In some ways she is growing up so fast and in other ways she is still our little baby. I let her play with her Ethiopian doll last week. She was so excited that the doll had hair like hers. The first thing she did was get her spray bottle, so she could fix her dolls' hair. Then when I wasn't looking she added some oil to the hair. It was super cute, but we put the doll back on the shelf.
 She loves to read books. When she first came home she really wouldn't tolerate me reading to her. I was lucky if I could get through a baby board book. Now every time I read she asks for, "one more." She and her brothers participated in the summer reading program at our library. We try to visit the library at least once a week.
 Mia continues to be my little shadow. She watches and imitates almost everything I do. She likes to help me do laundry, get ready for my day, and cook. Sawyer, my 6 year old, took this picture of us making chocolate chip cookies.
 She loves sweets! She really is a good little eater. Her favorite foods are pizza, ice cream, yogurt, roast, crackers, and french fries.
 Last month we took Mia off of her seizure medication completely. I was really hoping that I could write that she was still seizure free. Unfortunately, she had a seizure last week. It happened while she was asleep and we are not sure if it is the first time it has happened. It didn't last long and she is fine. It just shook us up a little bit. She is now on a new medication and seems to be tolerating it well.  She will also have to have some more tests run soon. I am praying we can get some answers, so that we can get her on the the best treatment plan for her.

Last week was crazy with unexpected illness and doctor appointments. It was a long week! Thankfully, I ended the week by celebrating ten years of marriage with Justin. We were able to go out just the two of us the week before last. Then on Saturday Justin took Mia Grace and I both out to celebrate. I am so thankful God put this amazing man in my life. He is a wonderful husband and father.
 Sweet Mia loved having all of our attention at the Hibachi restaurant. She had her first taste of sushi and seemed to like it.
 I loved spending the evening with two of my favorite people!
I am excited to see what the next 4 months and the next 10 years bring.

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