Tuesday, January 17, 2012

so close, yet still so far away

One month ago today we met our beautiful daughter. We spent four wonderful days with her before we had to say goodbye. It was so hard to say goodbye, not knowing when we would see her again. I was hopeful that we would be back in about a month or maybe a little more.

As we approach a month since we left, we still have no idea when we will return to Ethiopia. There are still several potential things that can delay us even more. I am sure I have said this before, I probably sound like a broken record by now, but this part of the wait is so hard.

One part of me feels like I need to get on the ball and make all the preparations we need for our second trip and for bringing home our daughter. I still have a long to-do list and I know that if I got a call tomorrow saying we needed to book a flight, after I shouted with joy, I would be running around like a crazy person.

I told myself that after we were submitted to embassy, I would get busy on tackling the to-do list, but trip two still feels so far away in my mind. I don't know if the reality of all of this will sink in until we are actually leaving Hannah's Hope with her in our arms.

Every day I pray that the embassy will clear us and all the other waiting families very soon. Some moments I feel very hopeful and confident that we will go in a couple of weeks. Other moments I feel like I don't need to get my hopes up. It's such a strange place to be and I really don't like it.

Thankfully, I am not alone. God has never left me or my daughter. He never promised this would be easy, just that He would never leave us or forsake us.

All this being said, dear prayer warriors, we still need your prayers. The Lord has answered all of us in mighty ways and I know He will continue to. Please keep praying!! I grow weary sometimes, but I take heart, knowing we have so many people praying for sweet Mia Grace.


  1. It's great to keep the faith and to pray and pray, but, it certainly is MORE than understandable to not enjoy being in sort of a limbo. This is tough, but, my thought is you know her face, her eyes and His love for her. Maybe this will in some very small way help when it seems so difficult.

    Praying with you all.

  2. It is so good that we can pray for each other!!! The Lord will faithfully carry us through all the way to our girls!!