Monday, October 24, 2011

Toilet Paper for Cats, Pepper Rallys, and Just Say No

I don't think I ever posted any pictures from our trip to the fair a few weeks ago. I am afraid the fair trip was trumped by the acceptance of our referral for Mia. We took the boys to the fair on Jaxon's fourth birthday. He loved it and kept telling everyone that he was 4.
Justin and Sawyer were very brave with the snake. Jaxon was on the other end of the pen petting the bunnies. He didn't want to have anything at all to do with the snakes. I can't say that I blame him.
Thumbs up for mom before the dragon coaster ride started. It's not really as scary as it sounds or as Jax's face looks.

I love picking up the boys from school everyday. They always have such funny stories to tell me about their day. Things sometimes get lost in translation, which makes it even funnier. Sometimes I have to text Jax's teacher to get the real story.

One day a couple of weeks ago Jax told me, "Mom, the cats are coming to school tomorrow and I need to bring cotton balls and toilet paper for them." Me: "Why do the cats need cotton balls and toilet paper?" Jax: "To eat."

I definitely had to ask his teacher about that one. It turns out a lady from the humane society was visiting with cats. His teacher told them to bring "cat food and kitty litter." I have no idea where "cotton balls and toilet paper" came from.

When I picked him up from school the day the cats came, he was so upset. He told me that I needed to pray for the cats to find families. I told him I would when we got home. That wasn't good enough. He made me stop in the cafeteria and pray that the cats would find families. Then he told me maybe God wanted us to adopt a cat. Does anyone think our adoption may be affecting my sweet boy just a bit.

So, on Friday I picked up the boys from school and here is how our conversation went:
Sawyer: "We had a Pepper Rally at school today." aka a pep rally
Me: "You did. That's fun! Was it for Red Ribbon Week?"
Jax: "What's red ribbon week?"
Me: "Where you learn to say no to drugs." Then I immediately thought, "why did I say that? I really don't want to get into a discussion about drugs right now."
Jax: "Yea, drugs are bad. A girl in my class knows someone who got bit by a drug."

That is just another reason to Just Say No, folks!


  1. Totally just laughed out loud about the cat litter--soooo funny!!!! :)

  2. We've adopted two cats, several yrs apart. My daughter saved all her changed for a year and then donated it ($86) to the Humane Society which we adopted our second cat from. Since we have two cats and three kids, she then worked on me for over a year to get an animal of her own, eventually I caved in to a bunny.

    Our kids are very aware too of the whole adoption lingo. When they hear it in terms outside of our adoption from ET they really think about it. I have wondered how this will affect our little one someday. Like those Adopt a Whale or Owl or whatever, which you pay money out to sponsor but obviously are not really adopting. Will have to think about how to handle this one...