Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No More Numbers

Sawyer asked me last week what our number is now for Mia. I told him we are all done with numbers, so our number is now:

He thought that was great news! Of course, I think he expected that when we were number 1,we would go get her and didn't think we would still have to wait to bring her home.

For nine months we anxiously awaited our monthly waitlist numbers. We thought we still had at least nine more months of waiting, so it is still crazy to me that we didn't get October numbers.

Since, we never got to the top of the wait list, I never had the time of waiting for a referral call.
There was no jumping every time the phone rang or thinking constantly about when we would get "the call."

Well, now that we are waiting for a court date I am definitely feeling all of that anxiety that I missed out on before. Today at least four families from our agency received court dates. They will all be traveling to Ethiopia in December to meet their children for the first time. I am so, very excited for them!!

We, however, did not receive a call today. So, no court date or travel plans for us just yet. It could still be several weeks before we hear anything or it could be tomorrow. This is so crazy! I am sure my heart is going to flip every time my phone rings between the hours of 9-7 Monday-Friday.

Praying we hear something soon. We would love to meet our girl in 2011!


  1. I prayed tonight for a December court date!!!

  2. YAY for number zero!!! Love that ya'll are done with the waitlist! Praying your phone will ring any day now with your court date!!!

  3. Praying for that phone to ring!