Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch, Provision, and Our Princess

Jax had his first ever field trip yesterday. Unfortunately I had to miss it, because of work. It's hard to take off, since I only work two days a week. Thankfully, Jaxon's best buddy, aka his daddy, was able to go with him. He made sure to take plenty of pictures for me. The class went to the pumpkin patch and then the park to play and eat lunch. When I asked Jax what his favorite part of the field trip was he said, "riding on the bus." That doesn't sound too fun to me, but I am glad he liked it.
My child is the 0ne in front making the very silly face. Gotta love him!
I am so glad Jax had a fun day with his classmates and his daddy.

Speaking of Dad's, I just have to brag on my Heavenly Daddy. He just never ceases to amaze me and right now I am seriously in awe of what He has been doing to provide for our adoption. I mentioned in my last post that from the moment we said "yes" and adopted our referral for Mia M, God has given us such peace and joy.

Well, He has continued to give us good gifts and we are so amazed at his provision for this adoption. In the two weeks since we accepted our referral, we have received $5,000. Some of it has been donations. Some has been unexpected jobs for Justin and other unexpected sources. We are blown away by the awesome love of our Father.

We still have some money to raise, but I have no doubt that God will provide every cent we need to bring our girl home. Earlier this week, the doubts and worries started to creep in. I confessed this to the Lord and asked Him to show me that He was in control. He has shown me again and again, that He is in control and that He is faithful. Still, in my humanness I sometimes doubt and I allow the fear to overtake my thoughts. He calmed me this week by providing in BIG, unexpected ways.

I want to share just one more story, before I go. A few days before we officially accepted our referral, we showed the boys the video of Mia M that our agency sent us. They were both so excited to see her and kept trying to talk to her. I had to tell them it was a video, not Skype. Jax kept kissing the screen. He said "I just love her so much. She is my princess." It was the sweetest thing and I had to fight back tears.

Mia Grace M,
You are our princess and we can't wait to have you home. Your big brother, Sawyer, wants to teach you new things and read books to you. Your other big brother, Jaxon, can't wait to shower you with hugs and kisses. He tells me every day that he wants to hug you. He sleeps with your baby doll every night to keep her safe until you come home. You will have your daddy wrapped around your little finger in no time at all. He is so in love with you already. I also know that your Heavenly Father is quite fond of you. He continues to provide for us to bring you home. I can't wait to tell you all about Him and His amazing love for you. Hold on, sweet one, we are coming for you.



  1. So precious! I love hearing about all that God is doing to bring you to Mia. We cannot wait to see her in your arms.