Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Got Coffee?

It has been a while since I have mentioned fundraising on our blog. The Lord has provided in amazing ways and we are so thankful that we have some money put aside for our adoption, but we are not done yet. Currently, we have enough in our adoption savings to cover the referral costs of one child and most of trip one to Ethiopia (we have to travel twice) or enough to cover the referral cost of siblings and very little of trip one.

So, to help cover some of the cost we decided to start a Just Love Coffee Fundraising Shop. Every time you purchase a bag of coffee or other item, a portion of the proceeds goes towards our adoption. Another portion goes to help orphans in Ethiopia. So, you can buy a bag of delicious, fair-trade coffee for yourself or a friend, help us bring home our sweet one/s, and help orphans in Ethiopia. What could be better than that?

I have to tell you that Justin and I have never been big coffee drinkers. We usually keep our coffee pot in the cabinet and bring it out just for guests. When I learned that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, I told Justin we probably need to start drinking more coffee. So, now it is a part of my morning routine and I can't wait to try some Just Love Coffee. The hardest part will be deciding what to try first. So, click here to check out our store.

Also, we would love it if you shared the link to our coffee shop on your blog or facebook page!!!

hHat: $3 eachCoffee Scoop: $1 each

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