Saturday, August 20, 2011

1st Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for my sweet boys. Sawyer started kindergarten and Jaxon started Pre-K at the same school. I just can't believe how big my boys are getting. I didn't cry when we dropped the boys off, but I did tear up when I looked at these pics.
I got the idea for these signs on Amy's blog. So glad she shared this link.
Jax loved all the picture taking attention, but Sawyer was not too happy about it. He just wanted to get to class.
I love this pic of my sweet boys holding hands. I'm glad Jax has his big brother right down the hall from him.
Jax was so excited to start school. He has the same teacher that Sawyer had last hear. I was really nervous about him starting this year, because he is the youngest kid in his class. His teacher is a sweet friend of mine and she sent me this text message yesterday: "Meredith, I have to tell you Jaxon had an awesome day!!!! He was a good listener and helper!!! You should be proud of Him!!!! I sure was!!!

This made my day! I am so glad he had a good first day!

Sawyer reported that his day was good too, besides the fact that he got bit by ants and had to visit the nurse. Sawyer's teacher is also a friend of mine. We actually went to junior high school together. I am so thankful my kids have wonderful teachers who truly care about them. We are all looking forward to a great year!