Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Friends

My friend Megan told us about some friends, Erin and Jonathan Clark, who were also in the process of adopting a baby girl from Rwanda. We found out that we have the same social worker working on our home studies. They only live about 45 minutes away, so we planned to meet for dinner.
So, our new friends Erin and Jonathan and their little cutie, Jackson came over for dinner last Friday night. We are at about the same place in the paperwork stage, and we all found out on Thursday that Rwanda is not accepting any dossiers at this point. We were glad that the Clarks were coming over on Friday, so that we could talk about what was going on with another couple in the exact same situation. It was such a blessing to get to know them.
We are praying for our little girls, wherever they may be. Jackson and Jaxon had lots of fun playing. They will both turn 3 this month.
We told the boys to put their arms around each other and smile and this was the best we could get. They were quite engrossed in Dora at this point in the evening (it was also way past bedtime!) I was glad to discover that my boys are not the only boys who love Dora.
Sawyer soon joined in on the Dora fun, and again this was the best pic I could get. I can't wait until there are two little sisters in these pics. We are so thankful we were able to meet such a fun family who is following God's call on their life to adopt.

We still don't have any news on Rwanda, and let me tell you I am ready to hear something, but I am excited about what God has in store for us and the Clarks.


  1. I'm still praying for you guys! I know it is hard to just wait when you have no informataion or clue to what is happening.

    What a great blessing to have another couple so close that knows excatly where you are. Friends can try to help in this situation but if you haven't gone through it you just don't know what it is like and now to have someone who is on the same page must be wonderful!

  2. Oh, what a blessing to have another couple so close to ya'll in the same stage of this process! What a blessing! I love how God puts people in our life exactly when we need them the most!

  3. How awesome is that!!!! Friends adopting from Rwanda... VERY COOL!

    I'm SO ready to hear something too. My cell phone is connected to me at all times :)

    I must have checked MIGEPROF webpage a million times over the last few days.

    Praying for ya!