Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Is Why

One of the social workers from AGCI sent us a link to these videos, yesterday. They are from an orphanage in Rwanda. The almost 700 children in this particular orphanage are not currently available for adoption, because of lack of staff and funding to complete their paperwork. Our agency is hoping to partner with this orphanage in the future.

Many people ask us why we want to adopt from Africa. They want to know why we aren't adopting from here. When I watched these videos the words, "this is why" came to my mind. There are needs everywhere, but this is where God lead us.

I have always been a compassionate person, but I am learning that compassion without action is worthless. I don't want to just watch videos like this and be overwhelmed with sadness. I want to do something to make a difference. That is why I want to adopt. I want to change the life for one of these precious children.

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