Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Party Animals

Mia Grace turned 4 on March 13  and Sawyer will be 7 on March 26. I thought this meant I would be planning 2 parties this month, but Sawyer asked if he could have a party with his little sister. Of course, I agreed to this sweet request. We decided to celebrate our little animal lovers' birthdays at the zoo. 
 I love my three little cuties!!
 Sawyer showing off his monkey table. Monkeys are definitely his favorite animal and have been since he was a baby. He still sleeps with the stuffed monkey I received at his first baby shower, that is unless he lets his little sister sleep with it.
 Mia was very proud of her zebra table. Can you find my little zebra girl in the pic?
 She loves smiling for the camera.
 Sawyer giving us his best lion face.
 It was a beautiful day for the zoo. The weather was perfect. We had 29 little ones in attendance at this party. They all had a blast. We were a little too busy to take many pictures.
 Justin helped Mia open her gifts while I tried to take pictures over the crowd of kids surrounding Sawyer.
Sawyer said it was the best birthday party ever and I am pretty sure Mia Grace agreed with him.


  1. What a sweet boy you're raising!!! And I love the monkey-zebra theme. Too cute!

  2. love love seeing these! we love our little animals!!

  3. THAT is the sweetest Zebra I ever did see! Happy birthday Sawyer and Mia!!

  4. So fun!!! Happy Birthday to Mia and Sawyer! (I LOVE that they are wearing t-shirts in March! :)

    1. Yes, it was about 80 degrees that day. It's spring time in Louisiana. :)