Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mia Grace is 4!

Our sweet Mia Grace is 4 today! She has been talking about her birthday and planning her party for a couple of months now. Some days she would wake up and ask, "my birthday?" We told her last night when she woke up it would be her birthday. She was so excited. She requested waffles for her birthday breakfast. 
 Jasmine, our dog, came into her room this morning wearing a happy birthday hat and we all sang to her. Then she came out and saw a table full of presents. She started cheering and clapping.
 Last year we celebrated her birthday the day after she came home from Ethiopia. While she enjoyed herself she really didn't know what was going on. This year is so much fun, because she is so excited about everything. We now know her personality and her favorite things. She kept saying she wanted pizza, ice cream, and Minnie Mouse for her birthday. Some of her gifts were a melissa and doug wooden pizza, ice cream sidewalk chalk, and a new minnie mouse stuffed animal.
 She was pretty happy about the waffles, bacon, and pink lemonade for breakfast.
 We are so thankful that 4 years ago our darling daughter was born in Ethiopia. We don't know much about what that day was like and this day does bring up a lot of emotions for me. I hate that I missed the first three years of her life. I keep thinking and praying for her birth family. Her birth day is a reminder to me of the heartbreak of adoption, but it is also a reminder of the Lord's redemption and grace. We love our beautiful 4 year old.

She is looking forward to her "aminal party" this weekend. She keeps saying that she is having a "bebra" (zebra) party and Sawyer is having a monkey party. We are excited to celebrate our oldest and youngest children at the zoo on Saturday.

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  1. I am playing catch up on blogs today. I have loved reading all of these celebrating Mia's homecoming. So precious! It is amazing how quickly we forget the journey without reminders. We are so blessed by your journey and happy for your family.