Tuesday, October 16, 2012

7 Month Update

I missed posting an update on our Mia at 7 months home. So, I will post a little update now. Better late than never. 
 At 7 months home Mia's loves are: 
Dressing like a princess
Playing with her brothers
Pretending to put on make up with Mommy
Playing with the sweet friends in her MDO class. She can now name all the kids in her class.
Her #1 favorite food is pizza. I have never seen a kid love pizza as much as she does and we are a pizza loving family. She wakes up asking for pizza. When I serve her a meal other than pizza she will look at me and say,  "where's the pizza? " 
Foods other than pizza she enjoys are cheerios, strawberries, yogurt, apples, pb&j sandwiches, chicken and dumplins and edamame. 
She does not enjoy eating raisins and broccoli. 
Her favorite disney princess is Cinderella (rella).
Before this month she didn't like tv at all, but now she loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Yo Gabba Gabba on the Ipad. 
Her favorite character is Minnie Mouse. 
She is speaking in sentences more and more. One of her favorite sentences is, "Why did you do that?" when I do something she does not approve of. 
She also says, "I happy. or I sad." to describe how she is feeling. 
She does not like being told no or sharing the Ipad with her brothers. 
She is making lots of progress in PT, OT, and speech. 

We have such a busy schedule this fall. Mia has therapy on Monday/Wednesday morning and afternoons. On Tuesday/Thursday we go to MDO. We usually spend Fridays trying to catch up on things we weren't able to do earlier in the week. Mia is doing really well with all of these activities, but since all of this started she has had some trouble at home. She has just been more irritable and easily upset. I am sure part of it is that she tired from our busy schedule. I am not totally worried, because I know this is normal for a kid her age and it really shows me that she is attached to me and feels safe in our home. I know I miss our time at home together, so I'm sure she does too. This week I decided to cancel most of her therapies and any other activities I could.
It was just me and my girl all day Monday and it was such a good day. I just focused all my attention on her. We did puzzles, read books, had a picnic, and spent time cuddling. It was so good for us. I never thought I would miss our cocooning days, but I really do. This week we are cocooning as much as we can and it has been good for both of us.


  1. What sweet, sweet pictures. Great update :)

  2. Love hearing how she is doing! So proud of her and all she has already accomplished...what a sweetie!!

  3. As I read this all I can think aabout is how fun Christmas is going to be this year. That and planning a "Minnie Mouse" or "Cinderella" birthday party. Lots and lots of fun!

  4. Meredith- Such a great Mother brainstorm to re-cocoon for a bit and touch base with your daughter. I will keep this in mind for our future after we survive our first cocooning upon our return in a little over a week, LOL.

    Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures!