Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to School and Six Months Home

Well, I pretty much abandoned my blog in the past month. We have been so busy lately. Here is a little recap of what we have been up to. The boys started school a couple of weeks ago. 
Sawyer is loving first grade and Jax is doing great in Kindergarten.

 Last week Mia and I started MDO. This is my 4th year to teach the sweet 3 year olds. I teach the older 3s twice a week, while Mia goes to the younger 3s right next door. It is at our church, so Mia is already very comfortable there. She had a great first week.

 Here she is with her teacher, Mrs. CaraMarie. One of Mia's favorite things to do is puzzles. She also loves snack time and lunch.
Today Mia has been home for 6 months. She is doing so well and we all just love her to pieces. Here she is on the therapy swing. She has grown to love therapy and we added speech to her schedule last week. 
This girl has pretty much perfected the cheesy grin. She loves to smile for the camera! 

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  1. Love what I can see of the checkered dress with the big "M" on it!!!! Happy home for 6 months, today, Mia and family!!!! Crazy to think about the development we have all seen since leaving Ethiopia. Give Mia a hug from Charlie!