Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentines Day

Monday evening I wrote about how I wanted to hear something from the embassy. Well, yesterday I got not one, but two e-mails from the embassy.

The first e-mail informed us that our case was being sent to Nairobi for further review. This isn't exactly the e-mail we were hoping for, but we weren't surprised by it. We are thankful to be sent now rather than later. It will take at least a week for our file to get to Nairobi and then at least a week or so before we hear anything regarding our case.
The second e-mail was from the vice consul of the embassy telling me why our case was sent for further review. I really appreciated this e-mail, but it was also difficult to read some of what he had to say. I just keep reminding myself that none of this is a surprise to God. We are trusting Him to make a way for our daughter to be home soon.

So, my Valentine's Day was filled with not so good news, but it was also filled with blessings.

My Valentine surprised me at work with chocolate covered strawberries (yum!) and beautiful pink tulips. I also enjoyed giving my little valentines the treats we got for them. Jax said, "Why did you get me this mom? Is it so you could show me that you care for me?" I just love that kid!

Justin and I made breakfast for dinner last night, the boys favorite. They really enjoyed the scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes with strawberries, and hot chocolate with heart shaped marshmallows.

I also had a special surprise from a friend yesterday. She brought a brand new jogging stroller for our sweet Mia. Yay! I can't wait to take walks around the block with my little girl.

This morning when I checked my e-mail my inbox was filled with more precious pictures of my sweet girl. here is a portion of the e-mail my friend sent that made me smile.

Here are some pictures of your precious daughter! I have video too! Just need to find time and energy when I get home to send it! :) I got to hold your daughter and love on her and pray for her!!!!! :) She's a sweetie! She smiled more than the pictures show... my camera is not quick enough to catch it but she was a happy girl!!! She's so adorable and loving!!!! HAve a great day!

And here's another one:

Oh your girl is so precious!
We had a nice time at HH! I prayed for God to let her come home to you and told her how much you love and miss her! She never stopped smiling for long!!!! So cute!!!!!

And one more:

She is well taken care of so you can have peace in that.. so hard waiting though... Your daughter was suppose to be taking a nap but they woke her up for me so I could get pictures for you! THen she held out her arms to me and wanted to come out and walk around! So cute! Then she took a nap after! :) What a precious one!!!!!

It makes my heart happy to know she is being well taken care of and receiving lots of love until we can be reunited with her. God is hearing our prayers, friends!! He is near to our daughter and loves her more than we could ever imagine!!

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