Tuesday, February 7, 2012


As I am sure you know I am so ready to have my daughter home. I must confess, though, there is something I have been worried about. It probably sounds really silly, but I am so nervous about learning to take care of Mia's hair.

I don't know anything about doing hair. I don't even own a bottle of hairspray. I just wash my hair, dry it, and brush it.

The boys' hair regimen consists of me spraying it with water and combing it down. I occasionally use a little gel on the front of Sawyer's hair.

I must be the most clueless person on the planet when it comes to hair care, especially African hair care.

I have been asking everyone I know for advice and Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care is my new favorite blog.

So I am clueless, but I am learning. I had no idea before that there were different types of hair, but now I know. I am pretty sure Mia has 4c hair and apparently it can change as she grows. There is so much for me to learn!

I have purchased a couple of products and plan to buy a few more before she comes. Her hair and skin care products will definitely cost more than the rest of the members of our household combined. =) Oh, the joys of a little girl!!

So, if you have advice now is the time to share it. I would love to know what types of hair products you like for chocolate hair and any special tips you have for this clueless mom.

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  1. shea moisture from walgreens can help you with your daughter's hair! cheap and all natural which is very important (im a black African american 16 yr old girl! ) oh and carols daughters!(: wish you nothing but the best ! just make sure her hair is always moisturized and detangled!