Monday, October 10, 2011

Mia Grace M's Friend, Eve M

Our daughter's story is different than most of the children who are referred from our agency. AGCI has a transition home called Hannah's Hope where the children live and are taken care of until their adoptive parents can bring them home. Almost all of the Ethiopian children referred by AGCI live at Hannah's Hope.

Our daughter does not. She is at Edeget orphanage. She has been there since she was a tiny baby. We are praying HARD that she will be able to move to Hannah's Hope soon, but we were told she may not be able to move until we pass court. We are currently waiting for a court date, so this will be at least a few months away. Please join us in praying that she will be able to move soon. She would receive much better care at Hannah's Hope.

There are 2 other children from Edeget who AGCI were advocating for. One of them is a little boy who I pray finds a family soon.

The other is a sweet girl who is going to soon join my friend, Sarah's family. Her name is Eve M and she and our Mia M have lived together for almost 2 years at Edeget. Thankfully, Eve was able to move to HH, and we hope Mia can join her soon.

Sarah has been praying for our daughter and for our family since she first heard about her. I am so thankful to have "met" Sarah and know that our lives are now connected forever because of our precious daughters. The wonderful thing is that they only live a couple of hours away, so hopefully we will be able to keep the girls' connected as they grow. I see birthday parties and weekend play dates in our future.

I am telling you about sweet Eve M today, because Sarah learned this morning that Eve M. has pneumonia. Please pray for the Lord to completely heal her. Also, please pray for her family as they are so far away from their sick child.

You can read about this family's adoption journey on their blog, From the End of the Earth.


  1. I just saw this! Thank you so much for caring for our little one this way. I am so glad that Lord brought our families together!!