Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Little Football Player

I decided last minute to sign Sawyer up for football this year. He is on the 5 year old flag football team with other little boys from his school and one other school. He had his first practices last week and a scrimmage Saturday morning. Justin is not the coach, but is helping out as much as he can. Sawyer is still trying to figure it all out. We are proud of him for trying something new.
Yesterday evening I had to run a couple of errands, so I decided to take Sawyer with me. I rarely get to spend one on one time with my kids, so even a trip to the store with just one kid is a special treat.
After our errands, I took him to Arby's for a mommy/son date. He loves the ham and cheddar sandwiches. He says they are scrumptious (his new favorite word). He chose a table for two in the back for us.
We had so much fun talking and laughing together. I am so proud of the little man he is turning into. I am so thankful for our special "date".

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  1. Carson just started football practice last week too! I can't wait until his first game! Love the pics from your date! :)