Monday, April 11, 2011

Encourage and Be Encouraged

We had another awesome weekend! This makes two in a row for us. The weekend before last we got away for a couple of days and just enjoyed being together. When we were in the car Justin and I were talking about how we would love to find a ministry opportunity that we could all do as a family. We both serve in our church, but in different areas, and really wanted to do something together. Well, we went to a wedding that next day and Justin had the opportunity to talk to a friend of his who runs a camp. One of the ministries the camp offers is weekend camps for foster siblings who live in separate foster homes. Justin asked if they ever needed any help with the camps. His friend said they did and asked if we could come the very next weekend.
So we went to Seeker Springs camp this past weekend. We were group leaders for a sibling group of 3 kids who all live in different foster homes. It didn't take us long to fall in love with all the kids who were there. I wish I could share their precious pictures, but for their protection we aren't allowed to post any. So you are stuck with pics of our family.
Our boys had a blast. We went on a hay ride, played lots of games, did arts and crafts, rode horses, made new friends and ate a lot. The picture above shows the boys getting ready to ride horses. Nothing says cowboy like helmets and rock and roll t-shirts.
Well, except maybe for crocs. Jax loved riding this horse. He rode all afternoon. He was so serious about it, but had a blast.
Sawyer loved everything about our camp experience. He cried when he had to say goodbye to everyone. We can't wait to go back.
Our nine year old buddy, P, took this picture of me and Justin. P is a budding photographer who loved taking pictures with Justin's camera. Every kid there made a special impression on us. There were just 7 kids, a sibling group of 4 and our group of 3. There were going to be more, but the other kids weren't able to make it. The seven kids we got to know were awesome. They have had such hard lives, but they are so special. We were there to just encourage them and let them know how much God loves them.

The weekend was about having fun and loving on kids. When we got home Saturday night I just couldn't hold in my emotions in anymore. It breaks my heart that they have experienced so much heartache in their young lives. I prayed for each child by name. They may never be adopted by earthly parents although I hope they are, but I pray they will understand that their Heavenly Father loves them and wants to adopt each one of them.

We had to head out Saturday evening to meet up with our adoption fellowship group. This was our second meeting. We met with two other families from our area. Both of the other families have sweet daughters from China. It was great to talk to other moms who had been down this adoption road before. They were such an encouragement to me during this tough time of waiting. These families know how hard the wait can be, they both waited for at least 4 years, but they also know how worth- it it is to bring home their sweet girls. We tried to get a pic of our kids, but it was pretty much impossible, so here is a pic of the moms. The dads were chasing the kids.

"As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength." Psalm 138:3


  1. What an amazing weekend camp idea!!! Love that!

    We had many many foster children that came to camp when we were camp directors! It was amazing to see them learn about the hope of Jesus!!

  2. What an awesome camp! Very cool that your family was able to serve together.


  3. Dawn, I thought about you guys while we were there. Camp life seems like it would be lots of fun, but I am sure it's lots of work too. They also do camps for teens who are about to age out of the system. College reps and lots of other people come who can help them make decisions about their future. So neat!

    We are looking forward to more weekends there!

  4. What an awesome camp to have the privilege of being a part of. So great!!!

  5. WOW! So glad that God gave ya'll this awesome experience to love on those precious children! What a blessing!