Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We got an e-mail this week from our case worker with our official March numbers. I posted our unofficial numbers last time. For March our official numbers are 76 on the girls list and 32 on the siblings list. Our unofficial number is actually 72 or 71 for girls and probably 31 on the siblings list.

We still don't have any concrete news about how the changes with MOWA will affect our adoption. I have heard several things that sound like good news, but we really don't know much. We continue to trust God's timing.

As for our dog, Jasmine, we took her to a new vet for a third opinion. It seems that she did not actually hurt her leg. The vet thinks she has a ruptured disc in her back. We were given strict orders to have her rest for 3 weeks. She is confined to her crate except for to go potty outside. She is on heavy pain medication to keep her comfortable. We are hopeful that she will get better with time and rest. We love the new vet we saw today and are very happy we did not rush into surgery for her leg.

Jasmine is not my only patient this week. Jaxon is also feeling under the weather. Poor guy has been sick 4 times since January. Thankfully, he usually bounces back in a day or two. Having a sick kid reminds me of how blessed we are to live in a place where we can easily meet all of his medical needs. I can't help, but think about all the kids in the world who don't have a mommy and daddy to take care of them when they are sick. No mom to cuddle them all night when they feel bad or a dad to pick up popsicles and their favorite flavor of Gatorade. I have felt such an urge to pray for these children who wait for a family lately. My heart breaks for them and I pray the Lord will use our family to minister to the orphans of the world.

I hope Jax feels better soon and that the rest of us stay well. We have our first adoption fellowship for our area planned this weekend. I am so excited about it!


  1. How exciting to be having your first fellowship!!! I hope your week improves and everyone regains health.