Saturday, February 12, 2011

Louisiana Livin'

So, I told you all that we had a snow day on Thursday. I don't have any pictures of my children playing in the snow, because there was not enough to play in. It was not very impressive. Here is Sawyer standing by our bush to show you all the snow we got. See all that snow? Yea, neither do I. Granted most of it had melted by this time, but it wasn't really much to begin with.
So, we didn't build snow men or go sledding on our snow day, but we did have fun playing games, making fudge, and eating lunch at the mall with our friends.
Sawyer has been learning about Louisiana in his preschool class this month. So, on Friday his class took a field trip to a local restaurant to try some Louisiana food. Only in Louisiana would the kids go on a field trip to eat crawfish, shrimp, and fried catfish. I love it! Those kids had a blast and ate a ton. Sawyer's favorite was the crawfish. He kept asking for more.
Notice the live crawfish crawling on the table! He was a little freaked out by it.

I'm glad I was able to join him on this fun little field trip. Eating yummy seafood and hanging out with my sweet boy is definitely my kind of field trip!


  1. he he he- we didn't receive the snow, just the ice here in SW Louisiana.

    OH YEAH in Louisiana where Tony's is put on everything along with hot sauce, and crawfish and catfish are staples :)

  2. The live crawfish is over the top!!!! I'd be freaked out too!
    Never tried crawfish, shrimp, and fried catfish... hum... is it good?