Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Help Us Get Rid of Our T-Shirts (Updated)

We have been so pleased with our t-shirt sales. When we designed them we just hoped someone would want buy one. We were thrilled when we had to reorder in less than a week, because we they sold so quickly. It has been a huge blessing and I just love seeing people wear our shirts! It makes me smile to know that person is a part of bringing our little girl home. We still have some left, but we are running low on several sizes. I just wanted to let you all know what we have left. E-mail me at meredith bufkin at yahoo dot com if you would like to purchase one. The adult shirts are $20, including shipping. The youth sizes are 1 for $15 or 2 for $20, also including shipping. Of course, all proceeds go towards our adoption.
Here is what is left:
1 small (chocolate) Sold
1 medium (charcoal) Sold
2 large (charcoal)
1 x-large (chocolate) Sold

The youth sizes run a little big. My 3.5 year old is wearing an x-small and as you can see it is a little big on him. I tried on a youth large today and it fit me, so it would probably fit an older child or a small adult. They are all sand colored. These are on sale 2 for $20.
1 x-small
3 medium
4 large


  1. Looks like you have almost sold them all! YEAH!!!

  2. I realize this is not an email but hoping you get- any chance you still have these. I need 1 x small child, 2 med child, 1 large child and 1 large adult. Just checking! Please contact me at if it's possible. We are also adopting from Ethiopia and love these shirts.