Friday, December 17, 2010

Polar Express Party

This week Justin took Jax on a road trip to Tennessee. They went to visit Justin's brother and sister-in-law and to go to the Behold the Lamb Concert in Nashville. I really wanted to go, but needed to stay to teach my little preschoolers. He went last year and took Sawyer, so he decided to take Jax this year. So, it has just been me and my first born son this week. I really have enjoyed spending the week with just Sawyer. He is growing up so much and I am so proud of what a sweet little boy he is. I was able to go to his Christmas party at school. It was a Polar Express theme, so all the kids wore their jammies and drank hot cocoa. There teacher read them The Polar Express book and then they got to make a couple of crafts and have a snack.
Sawyer was really proud of his star wars Leggo pajamas. I am not a fan, but he insisted on wearing them.
We are both happy that he is out of school for two whole weeks. He told me he wanted to sleep in every day. Then he asked me what sleep in means. Silly boy! We are also happy Daddy and Jax come back today, so we can all enjoy our Christmas break together.


  1. Cute! Great to spend some one on one time, but I am sure having your other 2 back will be fun!!!! enjoy your Christmas!!!

  2. We got out of school today too, and I am SO EXCITED about a long, much-needed Christmas break!! Love the pics!

  3. One-on-one time can be so rare... Awesome moments.

    Cute PJs...!

    Merry Christmas!