Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Break

We are enjoying our Christmas break so far. Of course we have been busy finishing up our last minute shopping and gift wrapping, but we have also been relaxing and enjoying our time together. Last Saturday we laid around the house in our pjs most the day before we decided to take a little outing to a nearby Christmas tree farm.We actually have a fake tree that we put up a couple of weeks ago, so we didn't go to buy a tree. We thought the boys would have fun just running around and playing. We were right! They had a blast.
We were the only people there besides the few people who worked on the farm. I guess we went a little late in the season. Sawyer and Jax didn't seem to mind a bit that they had the entire play area to themselves.
They climbed trees, tires, and bails of hay. This was a dream come true for my little monkey, Jax. The boy loves to climb.
They also took a ride on the caterpillar choo choo.
I think their favorite part was the duck races. We could not pull them away from this.
I love all three of my boys.
We have also had plenty of lazy mornings. Every morning little J asks me to make him some "hot coffee." He really means hot cocoa with marshmallows.
We invited some friends over last night to eat dinner and make ginger bread houses.
Sawyer was concentrating so hard, but the pitiful house I put together for him kept falling down. Next time I will just let my crafty friend, Megan, put mine together, because hers was perfect. When I was tucking Sawyer into bed last night he told me, "Thank you for making me a gingerbread house. It's ok if it kept messing up. I loved it anyways." I am so glad my kids give me grace.
Jax had fun playing with his buddy Andrew. His house stayed together, probably because he ate a lot more candy than he actually put on the house.
I am so thankful for this fun season to celebrate our Savior's birth with family and friends.

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  1. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!