Monday, November 8, 2010

Praises and Prayer Requests: November

So, when I started this blog I said that I would update post praises and prayer requests and I think that July was the last time I did that. I really got sidetracked when we had to switch countries. November is adoption awareness month and it is also a big month for us, so I thought it would be a good time to stop and praise God for what He is doing and to ask for prayer. November is a big month, because we have been doing lots of fundraising and we are hoping and praying that we will be able turn in our dossier this month.

1. We have almost all of the documents we need for our dossier. The only major thing we still need is our home study.
2. Our home study social worker is working on our home study and hopes to send it to AGCI this week.
3. Our One Smile Closer photography fundraiser is going really well. My best friend, Mia organized an event in her neighborhood this weekend for Justin to come and take pictures. It was wonderful. He did 9 photoshoots and sold 7 t-shirts. He also did a couple of other photo shoots this week and raised a little over $1500 for our adoption just this week.
4.Our first t-shirt order came in last week and we sold all of the adult t-shirts the first day and had to order more.
5. Our MOPS meeting this week was about adoption.
6. We have been so blessed by the support we have received from family, friends, and complete strangers. Many have bought t-shirts, bought tickets to our benefit, or given donations.

Prayer Requests
1. That we would be able to finish the last few documents for our dossier this week. Like I said we don't have much left to do, but I just want to mark everything of our list this week.
2. That our home study will be completed and submitted soon and that it will not require many revisions.
3. That we can submit our dossier soon and get our names on the wait list!!!!!!
4. Our benefit is this weekend! Our friends have been working so hard on our lunch and silent auction. We are praying everything goes smoothly and that we make some money for our adoption. I am so excited for this weekend!
5. The Lord will use our story to bless others.