Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quick Update

I am still here. I have had a busy week and haven't had too much to say.

We celebrate Jaxon's 3rd Birthday yesterday, so I will post some pics soon. I can't believe my baby is 3.

We have our orientation call with our adoption agency tomorrow. Of course, we did this not too long ago, but this time it will be specific to the Ethiopia program. It is a little hard to be excited about these kinds of things this time around, but we are happy to be moving forward.

I am very excited about the fact that we completed all of our online adoption training courses. We continue to work through the big, fat Eyes Wide Open workbook. We are about half way through with it.

We hope to send off our orientation papers this week and wait for our new adoption planner and dossier to arrive.


  1. So good that your education just carries over...hope you get that workbook done soon. It's such a good feeling when you do...such a weight off! :)

  2. We went out and celebrated when we finished that workbook. Oh my, that thing seemed to get thicker everytime I picked it up.

    Keep on a trucking! We are praying for you guys!

  3. That education is something, isn't it.

    You are SO modivating me...

    I'm going to get a hernia picking up that binder.

    Praying for you tomorrow.

  4. Yay for moving forward! I remember well that think notebook! It was a happy day when we mailed it to AGCI! :)