Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Smile Closer :: Tennessee

Justin is not the only one in our family who is talented with a camera. His twin brother, Jon and his wife Kelsey are amazing videographers. They live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where they have their own wedding videography business. Check out their awesome site.

Jon and Kelsey have been with us on our adoption journey from the very beginning. We visited them on our way to the adoption conference and they prayed with us that God would lead us to our child. They have been such a great support to us and we are so very thankful for both of them.

A couple of weeks ago we got an envelope in the mail from Kelsey that said One Smile Closer. It turns out that she had taken some pictures for our One Smile Closer campaign. She is also a talented photographer. We were thrilled and thankful for their generous gift. Here are a few of the pics she took. You can see the rest here.

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