Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ups and Downs of Adoption

In the adoption journey there are ups and downs and today was a down day for us. This morning I read that Rwanda would no longer be accepting dossiers as of August 31st. When I read it, my heart immediately sank. We are currently working on our dossier and there is no way humanly possible to get it finished and to Rwanda in 5 days. I immediately e-mailed my caseworker (it was too early to call).

I spent most of the day checking e-mail, waiting for the phone to ring, praying, and trying not to cry. Late this afternoon, I received a phone call from our social worker. She told me that what I had read was true. Rwanda is working to become a Hague accredited country. This is really a good thing for the country and for future adoptions. However, they are suspending acceptance of new dossiers right now, which does not look good for us or other families in the paperwork process of adopting from Rwanda.

We don't know how long the country will be closed, no one knows yet. We should hear something around August 31st.

For now all we can do is pray. Please join us in praying for the families affected by this change. Pray for the precious children of Rwanda who will have to wait even longer to be placed in families.

We know that this is not a surprise to God. He is in control and I am resting in the promise that He can turn all things good.


  1. Praying with you!

    Heart is heavy tonight...

  2. Oh, Meredith...I am so sorry. I read about this earlier on Kelli's blog and my heart broke for ya'll. Praying that you feel God's loving arms around you tonight...I know He has a great plan for ya'll and your daughter!

  3. Oh no...I'm sorry...although you're right - God is either sovereign or He isn't (and we know He is). That knowledge doesn't immediately remove the hurt, though. Praying with you.

  4. Guys ... I'm sorry to hear this. Please know we will be praying. It's unreal the twists and turns our walk takes ... I feel He will reveal some things in the near future to you ... don't do as I often do and miss those revelations due to the fact I'm looking too far ahead and what 'might be'. Let us know if you need anything...

  5. it is true! God does take us on so many ups and downs and turns as we follow Him. and you are right- this was no surprise to Him! i pray that you rest in this knowledge while you await your answers. love you meredith!