Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Child of My Heart

We have been asked many times if we are planning to adopt a boy or a girl. We have always answered that we weren't going to decide, we would let God decide. We really were fine with either gender. On one hand we would love to have a daughter, because we already have 2 sons. Our boys have been pretty much begging for a sister and I could use some pink in my life. On the other hand another boy would fit perfectly into our already testosterone heavy household. We have plenty of boy clothes and toys, and we just know what to do with boys.
For the last few weeks I have been getting up early to have my quiet time and walk around our neighborhood. I started walking because I just plain needed the exercise. It has turned into a time that I really look forward to. It is time for me to be alone with the Lord. It is also a time for me to think about and pray for our baby in Rwanda. I don't even know how to explain it, but somehow I feel that I am bonding with our baby and growing to love her more everyday. What started as a love for orphans and a desire to help children is turning into a great love of one child. A child that probably isn't born yet and may or may not be conceived yet. I have heard the term "born in my heart" quite a bit in the adoption world, and I now know and completely understand what that means.
When I was pregnant with my boys I connected with them as they grew inside me. I felt them move around inside me and loved them with all of my heart. Finding out they were boys and giving them names helped us to connect that much more, made it that much more real. Things are obviously different this time. But God is growing a love for my baby in my heart. He started by showing us where our child is. And last week He revealed to me that our baby is a girl. God showed me this during my prayer time, but I still wasn't sure. At first I felt that I was saying no to all of the little boys in Rwanda who are in need of and deserving of a loving family. God has since showed me that I am not called to save every baby in Rwanda. I am called to love my children and be their mother. The Lord is leading us to our baby girl.
We have pretty much decided on a name for our daughter, but I am not going to post it just yet. If you are praying with us, you can now pray for our daughter in Rwanda.


  1. Love you, Mer. That is a beautiful post. I will be praying for your beautiful daughter. Such wonderful news. ~ Renae

  2. So excited that God has called you to your baby GIRL!! How wonderful! And I can't wait to find out her name! I love my prayer walks around our neighborhood in the mornings too! Those of been some of the most precious times for me to pray about our adoption process and Caroline Faith!

  3. We miss you, too Katie. We need to get together sometime when we are in Mandeville visiting my parents.