Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Next Step and T-Shirts

Last week we had our orientation call with our adoption agency (AGCI). The next step is to sign all of our orientation paper work and send it to AGCI along with our first check. We hope to do this in the next few days. Then we will get our begin our dossier paperwork and adoption training. I know how Justin and I will be spending our evenings for the next few months. We also had our first home study interview last week. We are so happy to start that process.

When we first started talking about adopting from Africa, Jon and Kelsey told us about their friends, Rusty and Elizabeth Rutledge. They are in the process of adopting two children from Rwanda. Kelsey wore one of their t-shirts one day and I loved it. I wrote Elizabeth to introduce myself and I told her that I loved their shirts. She wrote right back and told me that Kelsey told her about us and our intentions to adopt from Rwanda. She already had our t-shirts packaged up and ready to send to us.

The little dot represents Rwanda, where our children are waiting for us. They have a few more t-shirts available at a discounted price, so head on over and order one.


  1. Love the shirts!! And so great that ya'll are about to get started with all the paperwork! yay!! Excited for ya'll!

  2. We can now spread our support for you as well as the Rutledge's with our t-shirts. Yea!