Sunday, July 1, 2012

Master of Disguise

 My friend sent me some pictures she took with her phone when they came over for dinner one night. I just had to laugh at my silly middle child as I looked through these pics. He has on a different outfit in almost all of the pics. During the summer he changes clothes about five times a day. He usually gets dressed in the morning and changes into a costume shortly after. He always has to pick out what he wears and doesn't usually approve of my selections.

He started the evening in his swimsuit at all the kids played outside in the sprinkler and little pool. Here are 5 of the 6 kids going for a ride in the F150.
 Then he switched to his Mario Costume for the water ballon toss.
 Then it was time to come in to cool off with a little bit of Just Dance on the Wii. Most of the kids put on pajamas, but Jax opted for his spiderman costume. Why not??
 This boy cracks me up. He would live in a costume if I let him. On Father's Day I wanted to get a
picture of all 3 kids with Justin after church. Before I could stop him, he had changed out of his church clothes and into his Incredibles costume. He wore this the rest of the day.

My little middle boy is definitely a one of a kind. A few weeks ago we were talking about riding in an airplane. I told Jax that he rode in an airplane when he was a baby, but I was sure he didn't remember it. He replied, " I know I had to ride in an airplane when you adopted me from Ethiopia." I almost laughed out loud. I told him that he wasn't adopted from Ethiopia. I know I have told him before that he came from my tummy, but I guess he just figured all kids must come from Ethiopia.

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