Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer is Here

Summer break is here and in full swing. We have been very busy as evident by my lack of posts. I want to post some pictures of Sawyer's Kindergarten graduation.

He was happy to pose for us before the ceremony.
 I am so proud of my big Kindergarten grad!! He has had a great year! I was tearing up this day, because I just can't believe my first born baby is so big. Where did the time go?
 Mia and Daddy at the greduation.
 So far we are enjoying summer. We have been swimming, eating lots of frozen treats, spending time
with family.
Jax is my little fish.

We introduced Miss Mia to the big pool on Memorial Day. She had so much fun playing and splashing in the water. She even decided to be brave and jump off the diving board.

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  1. Her swim cap is ADORABLE!!! (and so is she of course :-)