Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things I Have Learned

One month ago today, we were reunited with our precious daughter. It was certainly a day that we will never forget.
God has been so gracious to us these past couple of years. When we first started the adoption journey we were confident that God was calling us to adopt a child who needed a family, but I also had many doubts and worries. Thankfully, the Lord encouraged us through other adoptive families who had been there. So many people told us that if God was truly calling us to adopt, that he would see us through. They were so right! I want to share some of the things we have learned through our adoption process to encourage those who may be starting out in their adoption, praying about adopting, or just needing encouragement in the wait.

1. God will provide every thing you need. The cost was a big concern for us as we started the process. It seemed like such a large amount, but nothing is too big for God. He loves us and He loves our children and He wants them in families. He will make a way if we are willing to follow Him in obedience. He showed us this again and again.

2. It Is Worth It!!! I was told by many an adoptive parent that all of the waiting, all of the paperwork, all of the cost, and all of the tears would be worth it when I had my child home. Let me tell you, those people were right. Every day I look at my beautiful daughter and can't believe that she is actually home. I feel so blessed! She is so worth it!! I also have to remind myself that the period we are going through now will be worth it, too. Our daughter is doing well, but this time of cocooning can feel quite isolating. I know that when Mia learns to truly trust us and is completely attached and bonded all of this will be worth it as well.

3. God knows exactly who your child is. I am so amazed at how well our little Mia Grace fits into our family. We have even had many people tell us that she looks like our youngest son. :) She really is the perfect child for our family.

4. Adoption is a picture here on earth of what God did for us. Our daughter was an orphan and now she is a daughter. The Bible says that before we know Christ we are "orphans." Christ died on the cross, so that we could have Eternal Life. He is our Father and He loves us more than we can imagine. Our daughter is a beautiful picture of the Lord's love for us, just like the meaning of her name, she is a mirror of God's grace.

5. The Lord deserves all the glory! I pray that when people look at our family they don't say, "wow, what a wonderful family. " I pray that they say, "That is a family who makes mistakes every day, but they serve a mighty God who is able. They were not able on their own, but God was." Justin and I are not rescuers. We are rescued!!! I pray God gets the glory for all the good things He has done and continues to do in our family.


  1. Meredith. thank you.

  2. Just beautiful Meredith. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this...thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful, Meredith. I miss you!

  5. Love this--especially Number 5. :)

  6. I'm standing and applauding for #5 and soaking in the rest. I've shared this with VERY few people, but before we found out that God had an extra blessing in the mix, we too were the very beginning stages of praying for how, when, where and who God would want to bless our family with through adoption. It's still on deck for us, but obviously has been delayed quite a few years. Your blog has been the exact taste of what Travis and I needed to see God bring together a family.

    We are years from where you are, but we know without a doubt that He has called us to it and we will be patient while we wait our turn. Till then we will enjoy and train the ones already in our home and care and prayfully keep our eyes open to when the time is right.

    Your story has been so amazing........I've learned so much, mostly from how God kept M and her friend close together even after they went to their forever homes.....that story alone, keeps my eyes wet with tears, He is so into the details it's almost unbelievable.

    Thank you for keeping this updated and's so encouraging!

  7. Crissy, thanks for your encouragement to me. Your comments are always so sweet and heartfelt and they mean so much. I will be praying for you and Travis. I know if he laid this on your heart then he will see it through to completion. Also, praying for you as you add a little sister to the mix. Your boys are going to be such big brothers!!!

    So excited to see the story God writes for the Kinleys!

  8. I am sitting on my couch crying! This was so beautiful...I'm so, so moved by your sincere desire to glorify God with your family - what an inspiration! Love to you guys!

  9. I'm stopping by from Lovin' Much! Thank you for the sweet reminder that God knows who my child is.

  10. So beautiful and well said! We are in the early stages of our adoption journey and I really needed this encouragement today!! Thank you for sharing!