Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Peas in a Pod

One of the greatest joys of our first and second trip to Ethiopia was being able to see our daughter play and interact with her friend, Eve Meaza. They are 8 months apart in age, and have lived together since Meaza was a young baby. We took the below picture on our first trip. It is so funny to me how different they are in size. Meaza is petite (wearing size 18 month clothes) with a big personality, and Mesti (wearing size 4t) also has a big personality. Not only are the girls great friends, but Eve Meaza's, mom, Sarah has become one of my dearest friends as well. We are so thankful that God allowed us to travel together to bring our girls home. I tell everyone that only God could write this story and I truly believe that. This picture was taken just minutes after we were reunited with our girls. As you can see Mia Mesti wasn't so sure about things.
I think having Meaza leaving at the same time and being in the same hotel all week really helped Mesti. Every time she saw her friend, she would shout "Meaza!" and Meaza would squeal with joy. It was so precious!!
They love, play, and fight like sisters. Mia liked to boss her "little sis" around, telling her wear to stand and what to eat. It was so cute to watch them together. Sarah got them these "two peas in a pod" shirts.
They have a special bond and I pray they will always be good friends. Thankfully we don't live too far away from Eve Meaza and her family, so we will be able to keep the girls connected as they grow.
I shed a tear as we said goodbye to Eve Meaza and her parents in London. I already miss them so much, and can't wait to see them again.
Every time I think about what God has done for us and our daughters I think about this verse:
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us Ephesians 3:20


  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I love that God was so gracious in allowing them to be together and leave at the same time. It's such a blessing when these kiddos get to have each other through that first transition away from HH. A had Liya and I know how special that was for us and they had only been at HH together. The girls are just precious!!!!

  2. This made me cry. I miss you all so much! I showed Meazi these pictures and she screamed and started waving her arms and pointing at Mesti's picture. I think I am going to print her a picture of M and laminate it for her. I think she will be toting it around everywhere!

  3. Meredith- This post touched me SO VERY MUCH. We have followed both these little sweeties journey and we feel it is playing a part in our lives for God's plan for our little one and adoption. We have something "brewing" at the moment and your sharing the above verse touch me beyond what I can express. Wish to include this verse in one of my posts, if it is OK?

    Cont to hold you all in our prayers as you bond and adjust. Such precious memories, pictures and experiences for you all.