Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mia's First Week Home

Little Miss Mia Grace has been home a little over a week. She is doing really well, but it has been a long week. Here are few of the highlights, good and bad, from our week.

1. Mia loves to be outside and especially loves her wagon, so we take lots of walks every day. Her brothers like to go on walks with us sometimes, too.
2. Jaxon, Sawyer, and Justin have all been sick at separate times this week. I am praying they all get and stay well and that Mia and I don't catch anything.

3. We are all over our jet lag and Mia is sleeping great. She takes a long afternoon nap every day and sleeps about 11 hours every night.

4. Mia has discovered that she loves to wear dresses and dress up clothes. She and Jax have fun dressing up together. They were made to be bro and sis.
5. Mia has developed some new favorite foods. She loves bananas, kix cereal, multigrain cheerios, raisin bread, oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, and chicken noodle soup. Here she is finishing off her chicken noodle soup. She is a good eater!
6. She has overcome her fear of our dog and her fear of play-doh. Yes, I said fear of play-doh. She was terrified of the stuff when we first introduced it to her, but now she loves playing play-doh with her brothers. We are still working on her fear of the car seat.
7. She went to two different doctors this week. She did really well at both appointments. She is so brave.

8. She had blood drawn on Friday and that was a horrific experience! I'm just glad that's over.

9. She seems to understand a lot of what we say to her and is saying more and more English words each day.
10. We thank God every day for the beautiful gift of our daughter.


  1. Sounds like she has had a really great first week home!

  2. So thankful that she is HOME! And it looks like it was a great first week! Love seeing all the pics!!! Thought about ya'll when we drove through LA last week! Wish we could've seen ya'll but I know that ya'll were crazy busy! :)

  3. WOW!! I'm so glad you all are adjusting quickly! I pray that this continues. She is such a cutie! God knew you were the right family for her! :) -Kylene