Sunday, March 25, 2012

Highlights From Week 2

This was our second week home with our sweet Mia. I thought I would give you a little recap of the week.

1. We started the week with more sickness. Sawyer felt pretty bad most of the week. Mia helped me take care of her big brother. Thankfully, everyone has been well since Friday. This week is Spring Break for the boys and I am praying we all stay healthy so we can enjoy it.
2. Mia got a package with hair lotion, headbands, and lots of bows. She was so excited when we opened it. She kept saying, "Yay! Yay!"
3.Mia helped me bake cupcakes for Sawyer's class. His birthday is tomorrow, but he doesn't have school, so we took cupcakes last Friday. This was her first time helping me in the kitchen and she did a great job.
4. She overcame her fear of the carseat. Yay!!! She doesn't mind riding in it now, but gets very excited when we come home. As soon as she sees our house she starts shrieking with joy. I think today she even said "home".

5. She also overcame her fear of cupcakes. She didn't want to touch them at her own birthday, but as you can see from the pic below, she now enjoys cupcakes.
5. We continued to take lots of walks and play outside this week. She is definitely happiest when she is outside.
6. She enjoyed her first popsicle and got to meet her cousin Miranda.
7. Yesterday we celebrated Sawyer's 6th Birthday with a couple of sweet friends. I will post more about his birthday celebration soon.
8. Mia had a tea party with her friend Sarah. Sarah and her family have been praying for Mia for a long time, so it made me so happy to see these two sweet girls playing together. Mia Grace loves her tea set her LuLu bought her. She brings me tea and toast all the time.
9. Her new favorite English word is "Uh, Oh!" She says it all the time and it's so cute. My favorite thing she is saying now is, "I love you."


  1. So sweet- thanks for sharing! It's so great to see her HOME!