Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Are Coming!!!

In my last post, I mentioned that we could be leaving for Ethiopia as early as Saturday. Well, I was wrong. We are leaving Friday afternoon!!! That's right, we will board a plane in less than 3 days.

We are going to meet up with 3 other families along the way and arrive on Saturday night. I can't believe this is actually happening!!

We will be traveling most of the way with my friend Sarah and her husband. Our little girl's are friends and I am praising God that they get to come home on the same day.

Baby girls, your mommies and daddies are coming for you!!! We love you both so much!!

The boys can't wait to have their sister home. Jax has been sleeping with Mia's baby doll every night for the last couple of weeks. I found him like this the night before we found out our case was cleared with the embassy.

God is giving us the desire of our hearts and we could not be happier!!!!


  1. Whoo-hoo! Yay, so excited for you!! And that sleeping picture is precious!

  2. That photo of Jax is so precious! I can't believe we are finally going to go get our girls! Praise be to God!

  3. So happy for your family! We will be praying for you during your travel and transition.

  4. Both of those sweet pictures brought tears to my eyes!!! So excited for ya'll! She will be home SOON!!!

  5. So happy for you all! And thrilled that you and Sarah get to travel together! Praise God.