Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Before Justin and I knew that Mia M was our daughter, we were praying for her. We were seeking the Lord and asking him if the sweet little girl who we knew very little about was the child he had picked out for our family. One day as I was driving and praying a butterfly flew in front of my car. In that moment, I felt the Lord speak to my heart and tell me that He was with our daughter and that He was transforming her. I knew in that moment that the Lord wanted to transform Mia M from an orphan to a daughter.

Soon after this, we officially accepted the referral for our daughter. During the months leading up to our first trip to Ethiopia, I seemed to see butterflies everywhere I went. Every time I see a butterfly I pray for our daughter. I am reminded that the Lord is transforming her. I know He is changing me as well.

When Mia was moved to Hannah's Hope, she was put in the "butterfly room." She has butterflies painted on the walls in her room. I think it is very fitting.
This is a picture of the wall in her room. When we met our daughter we were amazed at how different she was from what we were told about her. We were expecting a very shy, scared, and reserved little girl. This is not at all what we saw and we were pleasantly surprised. We were told that when she first arrived at Hannah's Hope she was scared of everyone especially the men. Now, she walks around giving hugs and kisses to all of the workers. She is so loving to everyone she sees. The Lord is working in our daughter's life and it is such a blessing to witness!

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Phil 1:6


  1. So beautiful!!! I know that God has such special plans for sweet Mia!!!

  2. Love how God speaks to our hearts!

  3. so precious ... i've heard similar stories of adoptive parents seeing ladybugs everywhere . . . so beautiful :) - heather g