Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pictures for our Girl

The only thing we are able to take to leave with Mia Grace is a photo album with pictures of her new family. We chose a soft album that she can hold and cuddle while she looks at the pictures of us. We will also include a few pictures of her, so that she knows she is a part of our family. My friend, Megan took a few new pictures of us to give to our girl. We love her so much and I know it may be a lot to ask from a pic, but I hope she can see how much we love and want her.
Mommy and Daddy are so ready to meet our little girl. Just one more week until we will be holding her in our arms!
Mia Grace's two big brothers are ready for their little sister to be home.
Jaxon is ready to be a big brother although I am sure it won't be easy for him to give up his place as baby of our family.
Sawyer is already a really good big brother, but he is excited about a little sister. Yesterday as we were decorating the Christmas tree, he said, "Mia is going to love being here for Christmas next year. It will be everything she ever dreamed of!" I kind of doubt she is dreaming about Christmas as our house, but it did warm my heart to know that my son thinks Christmas at our house is a special time that he wants to share with his little sister.
I can't wait to add one more face to our family pictures!

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  1. Such awesome pictures!!!!! Can't wait to see next years photos!