Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Toy Bowl

Last Saturday we watched Sawyer's team play in the Toy Bowl. It was the championship game for 5 year old flag football. They went in to the game undefeated, but ended up coming in second place for the year. This is the sign they ran through before the game.
Justin went down on the field to get some good action shots. Sawyer had so much fun! He is smiling in almost all the pics.
He really doesn't take himself too seriously out there, which may have annoyed the coaches some. But, he for sure enjoyed himself and encouraged his teammates. He was always patting everyone on the back and hugging his teammates after they made a good play.
I just love him. I'm not real sure that he will become a pro-football player one day, but he did have fun playing 5 year old flag football.
His team came in second place and were given silver medallions. Sawyer said, "I like silver better than gold, anyways."

We are so proud of our little football player. Jaxon really wanted to play, but he will have to wait a couple of years until he is old enough.

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  1. I have played (and coached) many a flag football game with Bufkin power on my side. It's quite an experience.
    Glad he's liking football. I'm looking forward to sports with Lottie and her little brother.
    We miss y'all.