Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Super Bros.

I almost forgot to post pictures from Halloween last week. The Super Bufkin Brothers decided they would dress as the Super Mario Bros. this year.
They both really wanted to be Mario.
Sawyer didn't want them to both be Mario, but he didn't want to be Luigi. Jax didn't care at all if they were both Mario as long as he got to dress as Mario. I finally just told Sawyer that either they could both be Mario or he could be Luigi.
So, he compromised and dressed as Luigi. I think he ended up being very happy with his choice. Jax said if Mia Grace was here she could have dressed like Princess Peach.
We went to our church "trunk or treat" on Halloween night.

This past weekend Sawyer designed Wii characters for our whole family including his little Sis.
It's Sawyer (cracks me up that he is the tallest), Justin, Jax (gotta love those shades), Me, and Mia Grace.
I have so much to do to prepare to bring our daughter home. She may not have any clothes or a room ready, but thanks to her big brother she has her very own Wii character.

Also, we booked our plane tickets to Ethiopia!!!! Woo Hoo! We are really going to meet our baby girl next month. We leave on Dec.15 and arrive back hove Dec.21. Christmas is going to be a little crazy this year. Actually, things are probably going to be crazy for the next few months, but that's ok. We are so excited to meet our daughter!


  1. Such cute Mario Bros.!!! And I am so excited that your travel is booked! It won't be long now!!!

  2. LOVE those costumes--and the Wii character is just too cute! :) So, so excited for your trip! :)