Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Numbers

We received our February numbers from our case worker yesterday. January was a slow month for referrals, so I knew we didn't move much. We moved 2 spots on the girls list bringing us to 89. I said last month that I was ready to be out of the nineties. We made it out just barely, but I am thankful just the same.We did not move on the siblings list, so we are sitting pretty at number 36 for sisters.
So, I am not jumping for joy this month about our numbers, but I do have complete peace that God knows where our daughter is. She is in the palm of His hand.

I was able to go to the Created for Care retreat last weekend. I will post more about it soon, because it was Incredible!


  1. Hopefully we will see some big movement soon!!! So glad I got to meet you this weekend!!!

  2. I still can't believe how high these numbers are compared to when we got on. Don't envy you...but at the same time, God teaches you SOO very much during the wait! You can look forward to some real enlightenment I think =)

  3. Thank you for your sweet note! Made my day.

    Praying for lots of referrals. Praying for your family, and your little girl- and God's perfect timing....

    thank you again, friend..

  4. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't seen much movement. We haven't either. We've been on the top of the waiting list since Dec. The agency considered us for two different kids last months, but they felt that they were not a good match. I agree with their decision, but I'm hoping to hear something soon. I know the waiting is hard.