Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Closer

I really wanted this to be the week we turned in our dossier. My goal was to turn it in and be on the waitlist in November. It doesn't look like that is going to happen, but we are really close. We are finished with most of our dossier documents. The only thing we need to do is snap a few pictures of the inside of our house and wait for our home study to be approved by AGCI. Our social worker sent in our home study to AGCI yesterday. We are so close!

I feel like we have been doing paperwork forever. When I talked to our caseworker at AGCI about the fact that I really wanted to be on the waitlist in November, she reminded me that we have officially been working on our dossier for Ethiopia less than two months. That encouraged me. We are doing the best we can and God knows exactly where we need to be in the process to match up with the daughter He has chosen for us.

Justin and I have the whole week off next week. I am so excited, because it will be a much needed break for us. Of course he has lots of pictures to edit and I have lots of Thank you notes to write, but we also plan to spend plenty of time with our family.


  1. I understand. I'm so ready too. You are so close. Can't wait to hear your numbers.

    Enjoy the break next week. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. YAY!! Ya'll are so close!! Can't wait!! We both have next week off too!! So excited!

  3. I just found your blog from "child of my heart." I was so excited to see that they were sending in their home study, and that you are as well. We are almost done, the holidays and a business trip are holding us back. We are with AGCI too. It's nice to find families in the same phase of the journey!

  4. You guys are so close and two months is pretty quick for the dossier!! Once you get the number you quickly forget all the craziness of the dossier!!