Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Field Trip: Alternately Titled DISTRACTED

This has been a busy week and I have several things I could blog about, but since it has been over a week since Sawyer's field trip, I will post a few pics from that. I love fall. It is such a busy time of year though and I wish I could hit a pause button and just finish our dossier. It is constantly on my mind DISTRACTING me from other things. For goodness sake, I can't even post about going to the pumpkin patch without thinking about it. I was so glad I got to go with Sawyer on his first field trip. I left Jax with Daddy for the morning, so that I would not be DISTRACTED. His Pre-K class went to a real pumpkin patch. We learned all about different types of pumpkins and the kids were able to pick two to bring home with them .
Sawyer picked out a pie pumpkin, first! You can tell it is a pie pumpkin because of the long stem. The "meat" inside is sweeter than other pumpkins and perfect for making a pie. I seriously learned a lot on this pre-k field trip. So far we have not made a pie out of our pumpkin and I doubt it will happen, because as I said I am DISTRACTED by other things in my life.
We all took a hay ride to scope out the pumpkins. It was so much fun hanging out with Sawyer and his friends. I made lots of new four year old friends that day.
Ok, so I just have to say please say a prayer that this will be a productive week for us as far as our dossier is concerned. I want to be able to focus on getting it done without DISTRACTION. We all have physicals scheduled and I really want to turn in everything for our home study this week. I am so ready to just focus on my family again instead of being DISTRACTED by paper work.


  1. I remember that feeling! I felt that the dossier distracted me from my family. But now I need my family to keep me distracted from the wait!

  2. Sweet memories!!! Hope you took lots of pictures.

    That's our goal also... all homestudy doc get turned in this friday. We'll see if we meet the deadline!

  3. You'll get it done, and all in Gods perfect timing...and it will feel so sweet and so perfect when you do! =)