Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall, Fundraising, and Funnies

Well, I for one am happy that Fall is finally here. It is still pretty warm, maybe even hot during the day, but at least the mornings and evenings are cool. We have pulled out the jeans, long sleeve shirts, and jackets this week. I even made soup twice this week. First, I made my chicken and wild rice soup and then one day we had creamy tomato basil soup and grilled cheese. Yum! I love fall! We welcome the cooler weather, because two weeks ago this is how we were cooling off the kids.
On Sept. 26 the kids were playing in the water hose before dinner. They are so crazy!

With fall in the air we know that Christmas is just around the corner. If you are looking for some cool, original gifts that also support great causes like adoption, helping orphans, and feeding the hungry, then you should really check out this list. One of the AGCI moms put this together and I am so glad she did.

As far as the Bufkin's fundraising efforts we plan to add a few items soon. We are working on designing t-shirts and trying to decide what other items we could sell. For now we are busy with One Smile Closer. We have 4 photo sessions planned for tomorrow and many more coming up. Each session gets us at least $100 closer to our goal of $28,000, which is a huge blessing. If you live in North Louisiana and would like to have Justin take your pictures, just let us know.

If you would just like to donate to our adoption fund, we have added a DONATE button to our sidebar. This way you can just make a donation through paypal if you would like to .

Also, we have some incredible, wonderful friends who have offered to put on a silent auction and lunch to help raise money for our adoption. This will be coming up on Saturday, November 13th at North Monroe Baptist Church. We will be selling tickets to the event soon, so stay tuned for the details. For now, we are just humbled and honored that our friends would take time out of their busy schedules to bless us in this way.

Now for the Friday Funnies! This is what I found when I went into the boys' bathroom yesterday. Apparently, Woody is potty training. I just hope he learns to flush and put the seat down, because that would be a step up from the other males in our household.
I also have to share Jax's little creation. I think he may be on to something with putting a hand on the side of the garbage truck. Of course, the guy who rides on the back of the truck would be out of a job, but who really wants that job, anyway!
I love how the Joker and the Awana's Cubbie bear are looking on. I love that the Joker, Woody, and Cubbie are working together to clean up our streets.


  1. Saw your comment on our blog. Didn't see an email address so thought I'd respond here. Thanks for the encouragement of your comment. I can't imagine how difficult switching countries must be on an emotional level. It hurts to think of all the kids that get left behind by the changes that are happening with Rwanda adoptions. You will love the AGCI family and if you have any questions, please ask!

  2. Love the cute pics! And it sounds like ya'll have some awesome fundraising things going on right now! So great! Love seeing how God provides for adoptions!! :)

  3. So chilly here... snowed on wednesday. Brrr..

    I'm thinking of some winter fundraisers also. Can't wait to see your t-shirt.

  4. Totally LOVE the pics- he he he- oh the things we find in our homes that make us giggle and bring joy that we have little ones :)