Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet The Teacher Day

Today was meet the teacher day at Sawyer's school. He is starting pre-k on Monday. We know his teacher, because she is a member of our church. When I told Sawyer we were going to meet the teacher he said, "but I already met her." The plan was for all 4 of us to go, but Jax has been sick all week so Daddy stayed home with him.Here I am with my big preschool boy. I just can't believe he is big enough to start school.
Jax really wanted me to take his picture, too! Here he is saying pre-K! He doesn't look like he is sick, does he? I think he is finally feeling better.
Here is Sawyer with his teacher, Mrs. Book. We already love her and are looking forward to a great year.
Sawyer had fun exploring his new classroom.
He loved the reading loft.
His classroom looks like so much fun. Maybe, I will stay and play all day. I actually got through the morning without crying. I did start to tear up once, but I held it in. Hopefully, I can hold it in on the first day. I know he will love it and that makes me so happy, but I will miss that boy so much!
He spotted the hat with his name on it right away.
Mrs. Book gave all of the kids a cowboy boot to decorate. As soon as Sawyer got home he got out the crayons and the stickers, so he could decorate his boot. I hope he will always be this enthusiastic about doing his homework. Look how hard he is concentrating!
Jax wanted to work too. He wants to do whatever big brother is doing. He keeps saying that he wants to go to school, too. I know he will really miss Sawyer, but we will have fun together.
Here is Sawyer with his very first homework assignment. He is so proud! Here's to a great school year.

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